1/5/2018   12:00

Cófra na Laoch is removed from the Back Gallery wall of Cúil Aodha church where it has been hanging since 4/10/2011. It is opened in front of a gathering of local people – school scholars and others interested in the moment – it is a public occasion. The enclosed flags and portraits of the 100 heroes of 2011 are divided amongst the children along with the Féile na Laoch flag and torch and all march west to Árus Éamon Mac Suibhne behind the Piper and the Festival office is opened and Brat na Féile is set standing for the next three months of preparation.

This was accomplished. It streamed live on Internet and RnaG – see https://www.facebook.com/feile.nalaoch (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/feile NULL.nalaoch)


Opening of Féile na Laoch 2018.

Friday afternoon 27/7/2018

20:00  Meeting and Parade at an Draighean (Home of Seán Ó Riada).

The Torch is light from the hearth in the Draighean and brought to the roadside gate where Peadar hands it to the Parade Leader of 2018. The Leader and members of the creative schools present march behind the band and, followed by the flag (7X8 flags) carrying crowd, they head for Cúil Aodha following the Pipe Band. The County Mayor and other dignitaries usually are part of this parade. The Parade halts at the swimming pool. The honor of lighting the Festival torch is given to some family or specific group in recognition of then importance of handing on tradition through generations. The Parade leader hands the Torch to them and they light Lóchrann na Laoch that will now remain alight for August and September.

The National Anthem is sung as is Mo Ghille Mear and the Scottish equivalent Cànan nan Gàidheal‘ and the national flags of Ireland and Scotland and the Féile na Laoch flags are raised.

A street party with food, music and dancing follows.

Saturday 28/7/2018

The Musicians Day

10:00 – 17:00 Ionad Cultúrtha An Dochtuir Ó Loingsigh Pipers Convention

Taoiseach/Leader of the event – Mick O Brien.

10:00 – 17:00 Áras Íosagáin (CLG Naomh Abán) Harp Convention

Taoiseach/Leader of the event – Laoise Kelly

20:00 Árus Eamon Mac Suibhne

Oireachtas na Gaeilge and Iontaoibheas Fódhla/RnaG

Winners of the Sean Nós Competition Corn Uí Riada and winners of Bonn Óir Seán Ó Riada

For one night, the adjudged standard bearers of Irish Indigenous Music come on stage together for the 1st time.

Sessions in the local pubs.

Sunday 29/7/2018

The Day of the Spiritual

10:00 Mass in Cúil Aodha. (Seán Ó Riada Mass with Cór Cúil Aodha. Broadcast live on RnaG)

11:00  Gathering in Árus Eamon Mac Suibhne – Tea & coffee 7rl

12:00: Pilgrimage to Cathair Crobh Dearg / Shrone/Paps (choice of walking & bus)

Pilgrimage to Saints Gobnait and Abáin (choice of walking & bus)

Pilgrimage to Laichtín & Cill na Martra. (Choice of walking & bus)

Pilgrimage to Finbar & Gugán (choice of walking & bus)

5:00   Cúil Aodha Church (Busses will offload from pilgrimages here). Gathering about Church music under the direction of Dr John O’Keefe Maynooth –The senior teacher of church music in Ireland. Maynooth choir will attend

8:00    A spiritual ceremony of music and readings as the sun sets on Cúil Aodha Church. An evening of newly composed psalms by Cór Cúil Aodha Omós dos na mairbh joined by Maynooth Seminary, Cór Ban Chúil Aodha with some of the Psalm of Psalms. Much use of candles and fading light and a ceremonial remembrance of our dead with the opportunity for visitors to bring their own candle of remembrance to the evening.

Sessions in the local pubs.

Monday 30/7/2018

The Day of the Young.

With the permission and help of Óige na Gaeltachta and Aonach Tailteann

Daylong competitions and exhibitions for Sports, Arts and musical feats.

Árus Eamon Mac Suibhne Cúil Aodha,

Áras Íosagáin (CLG Naomh Abán) Baile Mhuirne

An Ionad Culturtha an Dochtúir Ó Loingsigh, Baile Mhuirne,

Coláiste Ghobnatan, Baile Mhuirne

Ostán Ghobnatan agus an Muséum an Mhuilinn, Baile Mhuirne.

There is a special welcome to all Gaelscoils from near and far. Information and entry details are on the Festival website and from feilenalaoch@iontaoibheasfodhla.ie (feilenalaoch null@null iontaoibheasfodhla NULL.ie)

The Sean Ó Riada will be resented to each winner (only 1st prizes – everybody else deemed to be of equal status) and these competitions will not be held again for another 7 years. (The medal is based on the Seán Ó Riada Gold Medal designed by Irelands goldsmith Padraig Ó Mathúna. Féile na Laoch 2018 on it’s reverse.

Céilí in Áras Íosagáin. With Raffle

Sessions in the local pubs.

Tuesday. 31/7/2018

An Mór Aonach

The coming of the Heroes (Arus Eamon Mac Suibhne)

12:00  The welcome ceremony and a meal with the local community and the 56 Heroes of 2018

A Cultural Exhibition in honor of the 56 Heroes.

15:00-17:00  “Na Laoithe”

Several speeches to inspire finishing with Uachtarán na hÉireann

A short oration in memory of John Moriarty “Invoking Ireland”

A short oration in memory of Seán Ó Riada “Seán Ó Riada”

20:00  Gathering and parade to the Field of Heroes.

At Árus Eamon Mac Suibhne the people and Heroes assemble and march behind the bands westward through Cúil Aodha to the Field of Heroes.

The Mór Shiubhal (Parade) has 56 Heroes each accompanied by a flag bearer and their following.. As the Parade approaches the filed, lanterns will be lit/released in memory of those around the world who cannot attend.

21:00  The filling of the Damhach Diamhrach and the mantras of the Crionnaigh (Elders).

21:28  The Hour of the Story Tellers. They create the start of the night – the beginning, the opening. Journalists are the storytellers of today.

22:30  The Stage is revolved to the right.

22:40  The Hour of the Poets

23:40 The Stage is revolved to the right.

23:50  The Hour of the Actors

1:50    The Stage is revolved to the right.

2:00    The Hour of the Dancers

3:00    The Stage is revolved to the right.

3:10    The Hour of the Singers

4:10    The Stage is revolved to the right.

4:20    The Hour of the Musicians

5:20    Preparation of Stage and Orchestra, Sunglasses and fire

5:59    Sunrise Orchestra play section of Mise Éire. (Voluntary orchestra drawn from all quarters)

6:15    The seven Sports Heroes come running down the mountainside with their flag supporters and dash across the river and present a stylized session representing their sports hurlers have a team of smaller people to their backs etc.

A stylized movement of the flags to welcome Lá Lughansa August Day and Seán Ó Riada’s birthday. A period of greeting and enjoyment amongst the audience, tea and toast, scattering and sleep

August Day in The Heroes Field (If weather permits)

14:00-15:30  Warpipes competition

15:30  Homage to the Horse.

Homage to the Hound

Departure and separation fro the summer and the continuation of Féile na Laoch in other guises in other communities.

Sessions in the local pubs.


The Closing 28-30/9/2018

These are the days when we look ahead towards the next 7 years.

All the talks are about this: Climate Change and how to prepare for it, change sin technology, politics, economics etc.

Friday 28/9/2018

Concert of singing

Singers in both Irish and English

The songs of communities from all quarters of the country.

Sessions in the local pubs.

Saturday        29/9/2018

The Future

10:00  Talks

Finbar Bradley The prospects of economy and business in Ireland 2018/2025

Cathal Mac Suibhne Brúgh developments in China and India 2018/2025

Eoin Ó Murchú   Developments in Russia 2018/2025

To be announced   Developments in USA 2018/2025

12:30  Short wreath laying ceremony at Seán Ó Riada’s grave.

Lunch/ break

2:30    Talks

Sorcha Ní Riada Politics in Ireland 2018/2025

Liadh Ní Riada Developments in Europe 2018/2025

Le Fógairt       Climate change – Ireland 2018/2025

Le Fógairt     Technology – Ireland 2018/2025

Le Fógairt   Health – Ireland 2018/2025

8:00    The Peoples Talk

A discussion on the preparation for our future in Ireland 2018-2025. The day’s panels and a further panel of special guests will be questioned by an open floor. Chair:- Peadar Ó Riada

Sessions in the local pubs.

Sunday 30/9/2018

10:00  Memorial Mass Broadcast on RnaG (Cór Cúil Aodha and musicians in attendance)

11:00  Tea and coffee in the Árus Éamon Mac Suibhne with a short formal speech from each of the 8 disciplines advocating and advising fro their own art for the next 7 years.

11:45  Amhránnaithe (Singers)

12:00  Reacairí (Story tellers)

12:15  Filí (Poets)

12:30  Dramadóirí (Actors)

12:45  Rinnceóirí (Dancers)

1:00    Ceoltóirí (Musicians)

1:30 Formal finish and announcement that the next Féile na Laoch will be in 2025.

A final wild Session in the local pubs.

8:00    The Solemn Closing Ceremony and Formal Concert:

This is a formal scripted concert mapping the evolvement of the Irish. It is performed by both Cór Cúil Aodha and Cór Ban Cúil Aodha and Associated members of Ceoltóirí Chualan along with some guests. At 23:30 the Féile na Laoch Torch is quenched and brought into the Árus. A specific composition is sung by assembled choirs and musicians, as all the flags are removed from the walls where they have been hanging, the 100 Hero Portraits are taken down and are all is processed, through the audience, up to the foot of the stage, where the Cófra na Laoch sits empty. They are folded into it – the final item being the Féile na Laoch flag which is taken down from its stand. The Box is nailed shut on the stroke of midnight and shouldered away, back to its perch in the gallery of Cúil Aodha Church, to sleep for another 7 years.