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Call for Submissions of Films for An Online Film Competition Inspired by Mise Éire

To commemorate The 40th Anniversary of the Passing of Seán Ó Riada.

As Part of the Féile na Laochra (Festival of Heroes)

View Current Submissions here: (http://www

George Morrison

Mise Éire (1960) remains one of the most iconic films made about Ireland. Produced by Gael Linn and directed by George Morrison with an orchestral score by Seán Ó Riada it is an iconic work of historical dimensions that resonates to this day in the national memory, even with those who may not have seen it.

Made at a time when Ireland faced enormous challenges as a young and still emerging nation, it was released at a juncture that heralded a revitalisation in Irish life and a subsequent flourishing of national identity.

Mise Éire Freisin (I Am Ireland Also), 2011
Faced with a world in the balance and enormous challenges nationally and globally, Ireland finds itself at a new, and equally challenging juncture.

Mise Éire Freisin (I Am Ireland Also), is an invitation to both emerging and established film-makers worldwide, to elaborate their own contemporary conceptions of Ireland, by making a short film in the month of June, 2011.

We are seeking short films that provide unique perspectives on ideas of Ireland at this very specific juncture; a snapshot of the here and the now that might also, one day, bring an inspiring glimpse of the past to future generations.

A line in the national cinematic sand of time to mark the tide of where we are, and perhaps point towards where we may be going.

We are seeking films that are brave in their vision, bold in their narrative unfolding and sincere in their representation.  Films that bring to light under-represented aspects of Ireland, bringing into focus those geographical, psychological, lyrical horizons in our collective national psyches wherein our futures might yet lie.

As a point of departure we urge you to consider responding to the question:
“If you too are Ireland, which aspect of Ireland are you . . . ?”
(keeping in mind Pearse’s original poem, the lyrical point of departure for Mise Éíre).

Film Awards and Future Prospects for Submitted Films
All film submissions will be viewed by George Morrison – the Director of Mise Éire – and the most accomplished three films, as adjudicated by Mr. Morrison, will be presented with a trophy of hand-made pottery sculpture at a special ceremony in October.

Depending on the success of the venture, successful films may be selected to become part of a larger cinematic exploration of contemporary Ireland.

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Films should be no more than 12 minutes long.
  2. Films can be Experimental, Documentary or Fictions works (or even better all 3 !)
  3. Films should not contain offensive language or material and be appropriate for viewing by all ages.
  4. Films should not contain any material that infringe copyrights.
  5. Films should be completed by the end of Summer, 2011 and uploaded youtube before the end of September 2011
  6. Send us a notification of your uploaded film and we will preview it and add it our “favourites” list at (http://www for inclusion in the festival.

Here follows the ideal format settings for exporting and compressing your films for upload toYOUTUBE:


1 Choose File > Export > Using QT Conversion > Choose “Options” from the bottom left hand corner

Then, choose the following settings:

1. Use H.264 codec
2. Set Quality to High.
3. Set data rate to 10000 kbps or more, depending on the running length of your video. Keep an eye on the file size. Optimized for Download
4. Set aspect ratio to PAL 720 X 576 (16.9) + Choose de-interlace here
5. Set audio compression AAC: 44.1 KHz, Quality Normal,16 bits, stereo.
6. Prepare for Internet Streaming Fast Start
7. Let us know about it, and we will put it on our youtube page!

All correspondence to: (miseeirefreisin null@null feilenalaoch