We have a number of items on sale for your convenience during the festival, especially for the all-night celebration of the Aeraíocht, Sunday 31st August.

Chinese Lanterns

Chinese lanterns

When all the laochra and audience have gathered at the Aeraíocht venue Féile na Laoch staff will release Chinese Lanterns bearing the wishes and prayers of participants both present and absent. If you would like your own wishes released into the skies above Cúil Aodha, you can pre-order a Chinese Lantern here. You will be asked to provide a short message on the order screen.

All the lanterns will be released by Féile na Laoch staff.

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Seats for hire

For you convenience you can hire seating for the night of the Aeraíocht. You can collect and return the chairs from a central location at the venue using the name you supply on the order pages.

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