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11:00   Mass – (Aifreann1 Seán Ó Riada) Cúil Aodha (broadcast on radio worldwide and streamed on Internet).
Cór Chúil Aodha invites representative forces from Maynooth Seminary to join them in singing the Mass first publicly performed outside Cúil Aodha in 1967 in Maynooth with the then Professor of History an t-Ollamh Monsignor Tómás Ó Fiach. Ceiliuraí – An t-Athair Dónal Ó Briain.
Location: Cúil Aodha Church

12:00   The ‘pilgrimage” to Cathair Crobh Dearg and back leaves Cúil Aodha. Led by Seán Ó Croinín. (aprox 5 hours)
This is a journey on foot over land up to the mountains called Dhá Cíoch Danainn (The Paps – associated with the Tuatha Dé Danainn and last place of pagan worship in Ireland) and Cathair Crobh Dearg which are associated with the ancient Festival of Lughnasa.
Meeting at the Flag Stand Cúil Aodha.

2:00 A meeting conference the work and place of work in the future.
“Tabhacht na Meithile san lá inniu” Where and what jobs will there be in the near future? What changes are hapening now? What role of community work-groups in today’s Ireland and the World as we start the second decade of a new millennium. Talks and Q and A session. Speakers include Trevor Sargent, Ted O Sullivan and various industry and community leaders.


An Aeríocht

Park and ride in effect with carparking spaces in Baile Mhuirne. Traffic restrictions in place. Bus shuttle service from Baile Mhuirne to Cuil Aodha. As it is an outside event and all night affair, warm clothing is recommended.

8:30 the gathering of artists for parading to the Venue. Seipéal Cúil Aodha.

The Venue – is an outdoor field in the Cuil Aodha glen where the Tuatha Dé Danan made their last stand against the Celts. It is on the banks of the Sulan river, the only male river in Ireland. (catering, seating and refreshments etc. on site)   There will be a small stage / pavilion in the center facing the setting sun.

8:30     Parade of the Artists in their disciplines
Parade led by Irish Army band of the Southern Command. (other bands invited and all bands welcome.)

9:15 The release of Chinese lanterns into the dusk skies with wishes and evocations.  System of pre-ordering one’s own lantern etc available on website in the months beforehand. They are also available in the Festival shop in Cuil Aodha during the course of the weekend up to 7:00 on Sunday evening. (The Lanterns will be handled by specific staff only)

9:21 Sunset at site release of Lanterns etc

9:30   60 minute sequence from the Poets

10:30   Pavilion turned northwards some degrees.

10:45   Sequence of the Actors

11:45   Pavilion turned clockwise/sun-wise some degrees

12:00     Sequence of the Reacairí

1:00     Pavilion turned clockwise/sun-wise some degrees

1:15     Sequence of the dancers

2:15     Pavilion turned clockwise/sun-wise some degrees

2:30     Sequence of the singers

3:30     Pavilion turned clockwise/sun-wise some degrees

3:45    Sequence of the musicians

5:00 Final turning of Pavilion and readying of glass lenses and Torch/beacon

5:21 Sunrise.  Orchestra plays Mise Éíre sequence to the rising sun which the pavilion is now facing.

The horns call and the Sporting Heroes arriver down the mountain and display 7 skills as mentioned in the Fiannaíochta and Ruaraíocht lays and stories of old. Disperse